//Architecture Degree from the La Sapienza in Rome. Dissertation on the conceptualization of city parks. Supervised the research and projects in the landscaping environment for many years in one of the most renowned companies in Italy (Associazione Professionale Karrer-Lacava).

//Co-founder and partner with Boffi in their flagship store in Rome for well over a decade creating networks, growth, branding and recognition in both the national and international sphere.

//Currently dedicated to the strategy and creative direction in both sectors paying particular attention to the ever changing needs of companies (Landscaping, Interior Design, Lifestyle).
The important experience I’ve gained throughout the years has enabled me to manage the promotion and sharing of business strategies and has also created an important network of clients ranging from heads of some of the most prestigious companies to famous national and international talents along with celebrities. I’m sure that my knowledge of the market combined with a great sense of attention to each individual company with their special needs  along with my personal intuition will allow me to create interesting opportunities using more modern forms of communication.


My team is made up of different professionals all at the top of their field. What do we all have in common? Passion, curiosity, love and culture of the aesthetic.


Clients. Boffi, BSH-Gaggenau, Cantiere Galli Design, Delvaux, Design Elementi, Emporio, Frigo 2000-Bora, LU.MA, Palazzo La Cometa, Valentino, Zerostudio’s.

Collaborations. Eric Chauvin Paris, DE Milano, Dior Roma, Grassi & Partners, HER Dorchester, IED, Italiana Costruzioni, la Pietra Compattata, LINN, Maxima Gallery, Mardegan, Mutaforma, OM& co, FF Design, Fresia, Ontheground rugs, Key Systems, SignDesign, Alfredo Salvatori, Strategicfootprints, Carlotta Tonon, Carla Trimani.

Chef. Ginevra Antonini-Mood, Moreno Cedroni, Antonello Colonna, Riccardo di Giacinto, Filippo La Mantia, Massimiliano Mariola, The Fooders, Aleandro Polenti, Bruno Settimi-Outhofthefood, Luigi Taglienti, Cristiano Tomei.

Food and wine. Amedei, Alois Lageder, Antica Torino vermouth, Badia a Coltibuono, Capezzana, Contadi Castaldi, Demonge champagne, Fattoria le Pupille, Livio Felluga, Opificio Italya, Planeta, Puiatti, Tenuta di Ghizzano, Tenuta delle terre Nere, Terra Moretti, Trimani Enoteca.

Artistes and professionas. Antonio Barrella-studio Orizzonte, Massimo Catalani, Franco Fontana, Maurizio Galimberti, Sonia Giottoli-Ontheground, Serena Laudisa, Fabio Quaranta.