VMP-very material people
Roma February-June-October 2019

Three events: The Glass Night-The Rock Night-The Wood Night.
Format expressely designed for Cantiere Galli Design.  The work of research, consulting, and resale of the site presented through a symbolic and playful path of which the materials are protagonists. The first of the three events of the year it’s dedicated to glass, through the mosaics’s glass of Mutaforma and the sculputure glasses of FF design Chicago. The second was the stone through the precious selection and extraordinary work of Alfredo Salvatori. The last of the year dedicated to wood with the selected range of essences and processes of Mardegan.
Max Mariola
Wines champagne Demonge, Maffini Pietra incatenata e Bruna Majè Pigato Ponente; Castello del Terriccio
Photo Lorenzo Catena